Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Going Oldschool

Several cars came to mind when Gen was deciding what could replace his Impreza. We never imagined that his choice would be a car fit to be the great grand father of the Suby. 

Our first words when we first saw the Trueno was are you serious? Mister 662 was never the old school kind of guy so there must have been something about the car to charm him.

Upon first glance you would already notice the black front bumper while the rest remained to be white. Half a Panda? actually it was patterned after the "Kei's choice" look after Keichi's Truneo. The car is powered by an open throttle black top engine.

A carbon hood adds to the exterior vibe while Watanabe copies give it the Takumi flavor

Stay tuned for further updates. From what I heard future plans include a trd wide body kit and a turbo upgrade. I guess some people can't get rid of the dark side.


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