Monday, March 26, 2012

This week at Automach

The 260z received a complete paint service prep. In just a few weeks this should be ready to hit the streets with fresh new paint.

Pao's 280 has seen more action than my car has in 3 months. The shop modified Pao's shock mounting points to accept the coilovers he bought for his ride. The shape of the the fenders were also changed to give it a beefier stance.

Which was once silver is now red. The AE101 received new red paint and was rewired. All that's left is to remount the engine and it's ready to serve.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

HIN Manila 2012 / My favorites

1) The Voltex Evo 8. Just look at it, how can you go wrong?

2) The Orange S2000

And the S15's engine bay or maybe im ARC biased.... yeah i am

HIN Manila 2012 / Drift

HIN Manila 2012 / The Ladies

As always Gwen is a hit

HIN Manila 2012

Everyone has been talking about HIN Manila. The only carshow where your poster would have more girls than cars hehehehe.

So decided to drop by early today to give me more room to shoot the entries. First round focused more on the rims, noticed a lot of lippy offset's. I like!

Spotted a few boxies to my liking as well although my dad would say the Green monster can eat the these lancer ex's any day.

FD's are always a hit.

Jazz's now come in fruity flavors

to be continued

sneak peek

Monday, March 19, 2012

0 to 400 Challenge

Passed by the 0 - 400 Challenge event held at Clark Speedway last weekend to watch Team Vannitec race. Since the race was sponsored by HKS the Emperor boys showed up in full force having 4 R35's 2 GT500 and A lambo. There was also a number of Evo's and your usual Honda's. There was also a drift event that happened at the same time. Teaser pics below.

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