Sunday, September 23, 2012

HCP x JDMU 2012 Part 1

This was not your normal EB, it was a carshow. Entering the parking area already noticed a couple of s2000's, an Elise and a lot of clean Honda's. I have attended a lot of EB's through the years and this one tops my list as the best EB I have ever attended "car spread wise". 

Every corner was a surprise as unlike before tuners are more knowledgeable about the scene and everything was just so right.

I even said all that was missing was a GTR and hello 5 mins after this showed up

Passion orange?

Honda represent ...... PART 2

FTI Driftfest 9/2012 Part 1

Last Saturday we stopped by the FTI grounds to catch some drifting action. Arrived kinda late as priority was given to lunch as my stomach was complaining. Managed to catch a couple of runs as rain delayed the event and enabled us to watch some action.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

2 yellow cars

En route home, we bumped into a yellow wide body porsche which looked soooo right. 2 yellow cars beside each other and you know what's going to happen. Was expecting to see cloud dust but surprisingly we managed to hang with the Porsche even at full rev. What a rush.

"NOTE: Spirited driving is not recommended and encouraged"

Goodbye white Evo yellow S15 hellow

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