Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jons' ES Civic

The 7th Gen civic would be one of the harder versions to dress up, Jons however proved us wrong. Just a few years back, Jons had of of the cleanest EF civic on the road. When he had to let go of the car it was a tough act to follow. One day Jons happened to find a red civic ES posted on the net. Upon inspection, the car had much potential and quickly became his new weapon of choice. The car received its first upgrades through the form of DC headers, DC front strut bars and Sparco seats.

The car rolls on 17" Work CR-KAI's matched with work lug nuts. External upgrades also include a carbon fiber bonnet and FB chin. Under the hood minor mods add contrast to the engine bay. Thanks to Nok Sarinas for the pics.


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