Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Hybrid Z Project

When the 240z first arrived at the shop, we already knew that this was going to be a though project. The rust was really bad and the smell was that of a dead cat. Cockroaches lived inside the gas tanks and the the flooring was see through :)

This afternoon decided to visit the garage to see how the car was. From a quick glance you would already notice that the car was already stripped to the shell.

The stock suspension as well was taken out and an L300 front and rear suspension assembly was used instead to prepare for the power to be handled. The advantage of this was that the L3 was thicker and tougher than the original parts. Another option was to use the F&R suspension of a skyline but seemed to invole a lot of work.

Notice the new front suspension vs the old one located at the lower left of the picture. 
 Tin work has well has already started as well to freshen up the old panels.

The empty engine bay will soon host the 1JZ vvti motor to power the rear wheels Dori Dori!


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